We tailor treatments TO YOUR NEEDS Acupuncture and herbs can help with MANAGEMENT OF STRESS AND PAIN RELIEF
Optimise your health AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE

We realise that everyone has their own values, goals and dreams. We are born with the individual genetic makeup. We grow and age differently and respond uniquely to treatment….

That’s why, at our practice, we treat every person uniquely and adjust the treatment to best optimise your wellbeing and health goals.


Our registered acupuncturist and herbalist offers the following treatments:

⋅ Acupuncture

⋅ Herbal Medicine

⋅ Cupping and Moxibustion

⋅ Dietary therapy

⋅ Origin Point therapy

Is acupuncture painful?
What to expect?
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Areas of interest

⋅ IVF and fertility support

⋅ Pregnancy support (morning sickness, breech babies, induction)

⋅ Pain relief

⋅ Cold and flu

⋅ Sinusitis and cough

⋅ IBS (Irritable Bowel)

⋅ Chronic fatigue syndrome

⋅ Anxiety, depression and Insomnia

and more.


Mie Hattori (BHSc) has Bachelor degree of Health Science (Chinese Medicine).

She has passion to help people achieve their health and life goals to fulfill their dreams.

Mie speaks English and Japanese and also practices at a pregnancy support clinic in East Melbourne.


Conveniently located on Centre Road in Bentleigh.

A short walk from Bentleigh train station.

Direct bus 703 connection with Monash Medical Centre.

Middle Brighton-Blackburn bus 703 is in front of the practice. It is connecting from North Brighton, Clayton and Syndal train stations.

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